Video Banking Terms of Use

I agree to the following terms of use for this Video Banking service. This Video Banking service allows me to request a Credit Union representative to provide assistance to me by engaging in an interactive video communication with me, viewing my computer screen and guiding me on navigating the credit union's web site and Online/Mobile Banking services. I understand that once the communication session begins with a Credit Union representative, the Credit Union will have a full "camera view" of me and my surroundings and when shared, my computer screen during the session. I consent that the Credit Union may view our interactive communication and if my computer screen is shared, any information shown on my computer screen including any non-public personal information of me or anyone else shown. Also, I understand and agree that the Credit Union may record this video session for its internal purposes. I will act, engage and dress in a professional and courteous manner during the video session with Credit Union representatives. I will not use language or gestures or engage in behavior that is obscene, threatening, demeaning or inappropriate. Also, I will not use this service while driving. I understand such actions will result in immediate termination of the service and I will not be allowed to receive services from the Credit Union through this channel. Except for willful misconduct, I agree to indemnify and hold Gesa Credit Union and any representative harmless from any claims, liability or damages I may incur in using the Service and permitting the Credit Union camera view of me and access to my computer and screen information. In this agreement, references to computers or computer screens also include other devices such as phones, ipads, and laptops.

Rev. 05/2020