Video Terms of Use

As a User of this Michigan State University Federal Credit Union ("MSUFCU") financial service (referred to as "Video Chat"), I agree to the following terms of use. I will act and engage in a manner that is professional and courteous while on video with representatives from MSUFCU. I shall not use language or gestures that are intended to harm, threaten, or demean. I understand using such actions can result in a ban from the video platform. When using the system, I will be dressed in such a way that would be consistent with being present in a physical branch. I shall not use this service while driving or operating other heavy machinery, and understand that all risks, injury and harm associated with doing so are NOT the responsibility of MSUFCU. If multiple parties are involved in a product purchase or service acquisition and signatures are required, I understand that all involved parties must be present. I understand that if I agree to the terms of use, and fail to meet the requirements as described above, the representative I am speaking with may terminate our current video session, and I will not be allowed to receive services from MSUFCU through this channel. MSUFCU will operate in good faith, and use just cause while evaluating potential abuse, but will not accept any liability from failure to read, understand, or follow the above-mentioned terms.

When contacting MSUFCU through Video Chat, my voice and image will be recorded for use by MSUFCU. By participating in the Video Chat I grant MSUFCU the right to use these recordings for the purposes of training, establishing a record of transactions, and other uses determined by MSUFCU. These recordings will be retained for the period of time required by our record retention policy. These recordings are the property of MSUFCU alone, and by my participation in the Video Chat I waive all claims of ownership or other rights to the recordings or any derivatives or images of the recordings, such as screen shots, still photos, single frame shots. In addition, by participating in the Video Chat I waive all rights I may have to any claims for payment or royalties in connection with broadcasting, streaming, webcasting or other publication of my voice and image as well as the content of the Video Chat, regardless of the purpose for such broadcasting, streaming, webcasting, or other publication. By my participation I also waive any right to inspect or approve any photo, video, or audio recording captured by MSUFCU as a result of the Video Chat.